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Site Map is your home for fantasic Plant Hangers!

Macramenia Wholesale Plant Hangers are offered in a diversity of materials, styles and sizes. With everything from small house plant hangers to large heavy duty plant hangers, there are numerous choices for locating the precise flower pot hangers, indoor ceiling plant hangers and/or outside plant hangers you've been searching for.

Where to buy Macrame Plant Hangers? Indoor Plant Hangers? Outdoor Plant Hangers?

Are you a store proprietor, administrator or purchaser looking for decorative indoor plant hangers, outdoor plant pot hangers and/or macrame plant hangers for sale? Macramenia offers Wholesale Plant Hangers to retail vendors for re-sale!

Take comfort in knowing that when you make a purchase from Macramenia, you are getting true made-to-order macrame hangers, indoor hanging plant holders and outdoor planter hangers with the best materials and the pride of exceptional craftsmanship. is proud to be the solitary supplier on the world wide web offering Plant Hangers using the 3 most popular Plant Hanger Cords: Hemp Plant Hangers, Jute Plant Hangers and Nylon Plant Hangers.

Become one of the growing number of garden centers around the planet to offer select Macramenia macrame plant hangers, beaded plant hangers and other decorative plant hangers.

Contact Us to request additional information if you would you like to provide select Macramenia Plant Hangers made in the USA to your patrons.

Macramenia Customer Feedback:

Your hanger came today. It's terrific. You did a great job. Also it's much more sturdy than my present 20 year old one.

Thank you so very much.

- Toni