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Plant Hanger Ideas Plant Hangers are the ideal way to display plants naturally and beautifully in your precise place.

Macramenia Macrame Plant Hangers, Indoor Plant Hangers and Outdoor Plant Hangers are available in an assortment of materials, designs and sizes. With everything from small plant pot hangers to large decorative plant hangers, there are numerous options for finding that perfect macrame plant hanger, indoor hanging plant holder or outdoor plant hanger you've been looking for.

Corners of exterior decks or interior quarters close to windows are great places for plants requiring partial sun in house plant hangers, ceiling plant hangers and outdoor heavy duty plant hangers. Smaller plants in beaded plant hangers, flower pot hangers and outside plant hangers look wonderful on verandas and in front of kitchen and bathroom windows. macrame planter hangers, indoor hanging plant holders and outdoor hanging basket hangers can provide you with extra needed space, particularly if you have a smaller dwelling and/or yard.

Contingent upon your decor, you may decide to select a Macramenia basic macrame plant holder, indoor plant hanger or outdoor plant hanger without a great deal of color to just blend in naturally, or perhaps one of our brightly colored decorative indoor plant hangers, patio plant hangers or macrame plant hangers for sale will be the correct option for you.

Planter Hanger resources incorporate numerous thicknesses of jute, hemp and colored nylon rope. At Macramenia we also incorporate wooden and glass beads into some of our macrame hangers, indoor potted plant hangers and outdoor hangers for plants. is proud to be the singular resource online offering Macrame Plant Hangers, Indoor Plant Hangers and Outdoor Plant Hangers in Hemp, Jute and Nylon ropes. The kind of cord you should select is contingent on how and where you will be positioning your macrame pot holders, indoor plant hanging baskets and outdoor hangers for hanging baskets.

Hemp and Jute make impressive hemp plant hangers and jute plant hangers respectively, and are strongly suggested by Macramenia for our Indoor Plant Hangers.

Nylon is perhaps the most durable of the 3 cords. The gentle and compliant man-made material holds knots well, and is strongly suggested by Macramenia for our Outdoor Plant Hangers.

NOTE: Irrespective of what cord decided on when you buy macrame plant hangers, hanging baskets for indoor plants or outdoor large plant hangers for outdoor plants we strongly recommend placing a saucer under each potted plant. This will safeguard the bed of your Plant Hangers from the unavoidable wetness that takes place when watering plants.

Where To Buy Plant Hangers?

Flower pot hangers, planter hangers, hanging basket hangers - whatever you know them by - all varieties of Plant Hangers are in vogue in a big way. is the spot to "hang out" to locate just the right decorative plant hangers for you. Go retro with our vintage style Macrame Plant Hangers. Hold your Hindu rope plant and/or other cacti companions in our Indoor Plant Hangers. Your potted porch pals and flowering friends will fancy our Outdoor Plant Hangers.

FREE Shipping offered for plant hanger (macrame plant hanger, indoor plant hanger, and outdoor plant hanger) and suncatcher orders sent to US addresses from Macramenia!


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