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Site Map, your Macrame Shop, is where to buy macrame plant hangers including Indoor Plant Hangers and Outdoor Plant Hangers, featuring macrame plant holders, macrame pot hangers and macrame plant hangers for sale.

Where Can I Buy Macrame Plant Hangers?!

Rest assured that when you buy from Macramenia you are getting genuine macrame hanging baskets, macrame hanging plant holders and assorted other macrame hangers for plants made-to-order with the best materials and the pride of exceptional craftsmanship.

FREE Shipping available for plant hanger (macrame plant hanger, indoor plant hanger, and outdoor plant hanger) and suncatcher orders mailed to US addresses from!

Macrame Plant Hangers are the idyllic way to display plants naturally and beautifully in your precise location. Macramenia Macrame Plant Hangers are available in an assortment of materials, styles and sizes for everything from a single-plant simple macrame plant hanger to a multi-tiered macrame plant holder, so there are many options for locating that ideal macrame plant hanger, macrame hanging basket or macrame wall hanging you've been searching for.

Materials for a macrame plant holder, macrame hanging basket or macrame pot hanger include various thicknesses of hemp, jute and colored nylon cords. At Macramenia we also include wooden and glass beads into several of our macrame pot hangers, macrame hanging baskets and macrame hanging plant holders. is proud to be the one source on the world wide web offering macrame hangers using the 3 most popular Macrame Hanging Cords: Macrame Hemp Plant Hangers, Macrame Jute Plant Hangers and Macrame Nylon Plant Hangers.

The type of material you should opt for depends on how and where you will be using your Macramenia macrame plant holders, macrame pot hangers and macrame hangers for plants.

Hemp and Jute make terrific hemp plant hangers and jute plant hangers respectively, and are strongly suggested by for our Indoor Plant Hangers.

Nylon is perhaps the most enduring of the 3 cords. The silky and compliant man-made material holds knots well, and is strongly endorsed by Macramenia for our Outdoor Plant Hangers.

NOTE: Regardless of what material decided on when you buy macrame plant hangers from, we strongly suggest positioning a saucer under each potted plant, indoors or out. This will safeguard the bed of your Plant Hangers from the inevitable moisture that happens when watering plants.

In checking the History of Macrame and Plant Hangers, macrame design goes back to the thirteenth century with Arabian weavers. Subsequently, Italian and French sailors commenced with the skill. The fundamental knots utilized then are the principal knots of macrame today. The 21st century has seen a surge in its popularity, with almost limitless number of artistic possibilities for the hobbyist, artist, and appreciator of macrame including macrame plant holders and macrame hangers such as our Macramenia Adjustable Plant Hanger and Driftwood Owl Macrame Wall Hanging:

Adjustable Plant Hangers

Our most popular macrame plant hangers for sale! The Adjustable Plant Hanger is highlighted by the Macramenia exclusive "adjust-a-bead" macrame design.

Featuring an expandable basket with 4 "adjust-a-beads", this allows the macrame plant hanger to secure a wide variety of pots, and makes it easier to take plants in and out of the basket without damage. Ideal for large plants such as ferns, Christmas cacti, and spider plants.

This macrame plant holder utilizes square knots, and is made with 6 mm braided nylon and wooden beads in "stock" and/or *special order* options of your choice (shown with "stock" Tan cord and "stock" Medium Wood beads).

Recommended pot size: 8-15 inches diameter.

Finished length: 40 inches to the bottom of the basket; 48 inches total.

Select Cord:
Select Beads:


NOTE: A *SPECIAL ORDER* cord and/or bead selection will add 1 week to delivery date. CLICK HERE FOR SHIPPING SCHEDULE.

Driftwood Owl Macrame Wall Hangings

Driftwood Owl Macrame Wall Hanging

A classic, vintage-style macrame wall hanging from Macramenia!

The Driftwood Owl Macrame Wall Hanging is created with square knots and alternating square knots with half-knot twists. Wooden beads and the fuzzed face attached onto rings with larkshead knots complete the macrame design.

This macrame hanger is made of strong, heavy-duty, four-ply natural jute cord and comes perched on an actual piece of Pacific Coast driftwood.

Finished length: 24-30 inches.


Indoor Plant Hangers

Show support for your fragile fern friends and other potted pals in our Indoor Plant Hangers.

This month's featured Indoor Plant Hanger:

The Violet Indoor Plant Hanger

Violet Indoor Plant Hanger

These Macramenia jute plant hangers were inspired by African Violets that love to be on display.

The Violet Indoor Plant Hanger is a simple combination of crown, square and half-twist knots. This indoor hanging plant holder is just right for displaying your Violet or other small potted plant.

Made with four-ply natural jute cord that blends in well with any decor, these lightweight house plant hangers are ideal for home decorating with indoor plants.

Recommended pot size: 3-5 inch diameter.

Finished length: 17 inches to the bottom of the basket; 24 inches total.


See other Macramenia Indoor Plant Hangers and find fantastic indoor hanging plant holders, hemp plant hangers and jute plant hangers!

Outdoor Plant Hangers

Your potted porch pals and flowering friends will adore our Outdoor Plant Hangers.

This month's featured Outdoor Plant Hanger:

The Violet Outdoor Plant Hanger

Violet Outdoor Plant Hanger

These Macramenia flower plant hangers were inspired by African Violets that love to be on display.

The Violet Outdoor Plant Hanger is a simple combination of crown, square and half-twist knots. Just right for displaying your Violet or other small potted plant.

These outside plant hangers are made with "stock" or *special order* 3 mm braided nylon cord of your choice (shown in "stock" Orange).

Recommended pot size: 3-5 inch diameter.

Finished length: 17 inches to the bottom of the basket; 24 inches total.


Select Cord:


NOTE: A *SPECIAL ORDER* cord selection will add 1 week to delivery date. CLICK HERE FOR SHIPPING SCHEDULE.

See more Macramenia Outdoor Plant Hangers and find incredible outside plant hangers, flower pot hangers and patio plant hangers!

Plant Hangers Outlet has one-of-a-kind and reduce-priced plant basket hangers, beaded plant hangers and house plant hangers that are finished and ready to ship promptly such as the sample presented below.

Outlet Raspberry Sunshine Surprise Plant Hanger

The Sunshine Surprise Outdoor Plant Hangers feature 3 rows of cord crafted entirely with square knots and knot twists. Show off the fruit of your green thumb labors in these outside plant hangers.

This Macramenia Outlet Sunshine Surprise Plant Hanger is made with 6 mm Raspberry braided nylon and Dark Brown barrel wooden beads.

Recommended pot size: 10-12 inches diameter.

Finished length: 39 inches to the bottom of the basket; 52 inches total.



See the Macramenia Plant Hangers Outlet to find a great bargain on a macrame planter hanger, indoor hanging basket hanger or outdoor heavy duty plant hanger that is all set to go!

Custom Plant Hangers

Macramenia has fashioned many unique decorative indoor plant hangers, outdoor plant pot hangers and macrame plant hangers for sale such as the example exhibited below. Contact Us if we can craft something exceptional for you as well.

Custom Triple Crown Plant Hanger

Macramenia crafted this Custom "Triple Crown" Plant Hanger for a client needing a replacement for a vintage macrame plant hanger that held 3 plants!

This Custom Plant Hanger was made with square knots and half-knot twists, and features 3 pot hangers for plants making it ideal for hanging plants indoors or out.

Top basket holds a 4 inch diameter pot; middle basket holds a 6 inch diameter pot; bottom basket holds an 8-10 inch diameter basket.

Total length: 70 inches!

We can customize a "Triple Crown" Plant Hanger for you as well in your choice of size, design, cord and beads.

See some more of the Custom Plant Hangers we've produced for our customers.

Suncatchers has beautiful exclusive handmade stained glass suncatchers and will be complementary companions get along great with our plant hangers. Susan's Suncatchers are completed and ready to ship immediately such as the one presented below.

Starshine SuncatcherThe Starshine Suncatcher is a sparkling 5-point star from Susan's Stained Glass Suncatchers collection.

They make for dazzling window suncatchers.

This Macramenia glass suncatcher is made with iridescent beveled points and a transparent, light-blue glass center.

5 1/4 inches x 5 1/4 inches.



See more Macramenia Suncatchers to look for fantastic glass suncatchers, window suncatchers and hanging suncatchers that are all ready to go!

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