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A History of Macrame and Plant Hangers Plant Hangers are the ideal way to present plants naturally and beautifully in your precise place.

Macramenia Macrame Plant Hangers, Indoor Plant Hangers and Outdoor Plant Hangers come in a range of materials, designs and sizes. With everything from small plant pot hangers to large decorative plant hangers, there are numerous options for locating that ideal macrame wall hanging, indoor hanging plant holder or plant hanger for outdoors you've been looking for.

The practice of knotting a mixture of geometric designs without utilizing hooks, needles, or hoops is the skill distinguished as macrame. The art of macrame goes back to the thirteenth century. The word macrame is Arabic in origin meaning "fringe". It is understood that Arabian weavers originated the technique by knotting the extra threads at the edges of loamed fabric. From these roots it ultimately made it to Italy and France in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. Seafarers commenced with with the craft as it was a helpful way to pass some of the lengthy days out at sea. The chief knots the mariners utilized are the chief knots of macrame employed nowadays - the half knot, square knot and the half-hitch knot. The seamen passed on their practice to the Chinese who tailored the art to their own distinct culture. The practice became fashionable with the British during the nineteenth century.

As time passed the skill of macrame deteriorated due to disuse. It was rejuvenated in the 1960s and '70s, which brought revival to the ancient skill. Its popularity declined somewhat in the '80s and '90s, but the 21st century has again witnessed the revitalization of its popularity, with an a great amount of imaginative possibilities for the hobbyist, artist, and appreciator of the copious diverse macrame products.

These days the hobby and practice of macrame suggests various things to various persons. For many the art is favorable in numerous ways. Tying the assortment of knots can strengthen hands and arms. Fashioning a macrame endeavor can be very relaxing to mind, body, and spirit! Macrame endeavors require hardly any tools, and yield no chemicals or gasses. It is definitely an earth-friendly, natural technique.

Examples of projects vary from macrame jewelry, purses and belts to home decorations like a Macrame Wall Hanging and, of course, Macrame Plant Hangers. The diverse mixture of colors and textures of macrame bring about a wide assortment to select from. Materials differ from various thicknesses of jute and hemp, to twine, colored nylon and polyester cords. Moreover, wooden, glass and ceramic beads are being integrated into with many macrame crafting currently also, including Macramenia Plant Hangers.

Where To Buy Plant Hangers? is proud to be the one supplier on the on the world wide web offering Plant Hangers employing the 3 most popular Plant Hanger Cords: Hemp Plant Hangers, Jute Plant Hangers and Nylon Plant Hangers.

The type of rope you should elect is contingent on how and where you will be locating your Macramenia beaded plant hangers, indoor house plant hangers or outdoor heavy duty plant hangers.

Hemp and Jute make fantastic hemp plant hangers and jute plant hangers respectively, and are strongly recommended by Macramenia for our Indoor Plant Hangers.

Nylon is perhaps the most enduring of the 3 cords. The gentle and adaptable man-made material holds knots well, and is strongly recommended by Macramenia for our Outdoor Plant Hangers.

Macrame has progressed as part of the ingenious method continuing on various levels. Beginner macrame crafters, along with to experts, relish it as as therapeutic, fun, inspirational, and gratifying. There are constantly new options the furnishings of your house, clothes and individual style for those who purely wish to utilize and enjoy the completed creations.

Flower pot hangers, planter hangers, hanging basket hangers - you may want to call them - all types of Plant Hangers are in popular in a big way. is the spot to be to locate just the right decorative plant hangers for you. Go retro with our vintage style Macrame Plant Hangers. Hold your Hindu rope plant and/or other cacti companions in our Indoor Plant Hangers. Your patio and blossoming buddies will fancy our Outdoor Plant Hangers.

FREE Shipping offered for plant hanger (macrame plant hanger, indoor plant hanger and outdoor plant hanger) and suncatcher purchases sent to US addresses from Macramenia!


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